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6-47/2007/TA-I Dated 29.7.2008

Refund of saving fund under CGEIS 1977 to the DOT employees absorbed in BSNL - Clarification.

36-3/2004-Pen(T) Dt.11.4.2008

Applicability of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 in respect of those put on induction training prior to 1.1.2004 and were in receipt of stipend - reg.

6-37/2007/TA-I/Pt. Dated 14.1.2008

Refund of savings fund under CGEGIS - 1980 in respect of the DOT employees whose Presidential orders for absorption in BSNL were issued after 31.7.2005.


7-1/2000/TA-I/17/KW-I   Dated 12.4.2007

Processing and finalisation of various retirement benefits of absorbed BSNL employees.

36-3/2004-Pen(T) Dated 18.1.2007

Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of the 5th Central Pay Commission - Revision of Pension of pre and post 1986 pensioner's / family pensioner's etc. - Extension of date of submission of application for revision of pension / family pension - regarding.

4-2/2001-B Dated 11.1.2007

Payment of service charge towards disbursement of pension to Telecom pensioners through Post Offices.


7-1/2000/TA-I KWII/17 Dated 28.12.2006 Counting of past service of the Temporary Status Mazdoors upon their absorption in BSNL - reg.
36-3/2004-Pen(T) Dated 22.11.2006 Use of State Emblem on the Identity cards to be issued to Central Govt. pensioners - regarding.
36-3/2004-Pen (T) Dated 5.12.2006 Issue of show - cause notice to the pensioner before imposing a cut in his pension where the pensioner is convicted in judicial proceedings for an offence committed by him while in service- regarding
5-18 (4)/2004-PAT Dated 8.2.2006 Clarification in respect of membership status of Group B officers in BSNL Promoted to STS Group A on adhoc basis under CGEGIS - 1980.
36-3/2004-Pen(T) Dated 20.2.2006 Merger of 50% Dearness Relief with pension to Central Government pensioners / family pensioners w.e.f. 1.4.2004 - Clarification regarding.
36-3/2004-Pen(T) Dated 18.7.2006 Commutation of Pension on voluntary retirement.
40-23/2001-Pen(T)Pt. Dated 8.8.2006 Applicability of Rule 48 (A) & Rule 48 (B) of CCS Pension Rules 1972, on seeking voluntary retirement from PSU after absorption.
6-37/2005/TA-I Dated 8.11.2006. Refund of Savings Fund under CGEGIS '80 to the ex-DOT employees absorbed in BSNL.
36-3/2004-Pen(T) Dated 30.10.2006 Applicability of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 in respect of those appointed prior to 1.1.2004 and put on induction training - re
7-1/2006/TA-I Dated 14.9.2006 Payment of Leave Encashment.


 7-24/2004/TA-I Dated 5.1.2005. New Pension Scheme
 7-24/2004/TA-I Dated 21.2.2005. New Pension Scheme -- Allotment of CAO (P) Codes
 4-2/2001-B Dated 5.5.2005. Payment of Pension Disbursement charges

36-18/2000-Pen.(T) Dated 4.5.2005.

Identity card to retired / retiring employees
36-01/2005-Pen.(T) Dated 16.3.2005

Payscales for the staff belonging to the Organized Accounts 

Department -- Fixation of Pension -- Regarding.

38-19/2005-Pen (T) Dated 20.12.2005 Implementation of order dated 12.4.2005 of the High Court of Judicature of Andhra Pradesh of Hyderabad in review WWP MP SR No.78433 of 2004 in WP No.8532 - regarding restoration of one - third portion of commuted pension after 15 years from the date of commutation.
38-36/2005-Pen (T) Dated 20.12.2005 Merger of certain percentage of DA as DP for reckoning emoluments for the purpose of DCRG and raising the ceiling on the maximum amount of DCRG from 1.00 lakh to 2.50 lakhs - DP&PW OM No.7/1/1995-P&PW(F) Dated 14.7.1995 - Honb'le Supreme Court judgement dated 11.8.2005 in CA No.129 of 2003 (State of Punjab and Ors Vs. Amar Nath Goyal & Ors.) and other connected cases -- regarding.
34-34/2004-Pen (T) Dated 13.12.2005 Granting of BCR Grade IV promotion to retired officials with retrospective date - Reckoning of notional pay for pensionary benefits.
36-3/2004-Pen (T) - I  Dated 20.12.2005 Implementation of the recommendation of the 5th CPC regarding conversion of 50% Dearness relief into Dearness pension -- clarification regarding.
36-3/2004-Pen (T) - II  Dated 20.12.2005 Settlement of pensionary terms etc. in respect of Government employees transferred en masse to Central Public Sector Undertakings / Central Autonomous Bodies.


 40-6/2004-Pen (T) Dated 31.12.2004. Revision of pension in IDA scale of Gr. "B" Employees - Clarification
4-12(2)/2004-PAT Dated 5.10.2004 Clarification regarding applicability of CS (MA) Rules to retirees.


40-13/2002-Pen(T) Dated 15.01.2003.

Revision of pension in IDA scale - Clarification


36-15/2000-Pen(T) Dated 9.11.2000 Entitlement for pension, other retirement benefits, job security and carry over of leave in respect of employees to be absorbed in BSNL.
 7-1/2000-TA-I/17 Dated 18.10.2000. Clarification on payment of Retirement benefits
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